Dear Self: I Do – Perth 2010

14 02 2010

As a visionary I’ve been working toward this since November. Today it culminated and I am completely humbled and moved by it.

I’m so proud of Kat for her.organisation and making this happen – it really would have been impossible without her to step up, take a chance and throw herself in the deep end. I love her willingness to try things out, to fall flat, to be involved in something she thinks is cool and put her own stamp on it.

I’m so proud of Sarah for leading the ceremony, and generating the space of it so *strongly*. Those participating couldn’t have helped but to get an experience of themselves that was completely new. I love that she spoke and that when she did, it was *real* and there was *power* that invited people to take this for themselves.

I’m so proud of everyone who participated, ,having the courage to stand up and make the vow you did today really took something. I hope that it was personal and meaningful to you, that you saw yourself in a whole new light. I hope you treasure your moment of promising as yours for yourself alone.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, be it conversation, propping up inspiration, pointing out potential problems, organising, spreading the word and everything else. It couldn’t have happened without you.

For me, I will never forget the sound of those voices swearing their vows together, I’ll never forget witnessing everyone sign their certificate. I’ll never forget speaking to life the poem that I wrote, with contributions from Daniel and Sarah – it was everything I imagined. I’ll never forget hearing the ceremony that I drafted and that was collaboratively edited being generated into spoken reality as people stood and listened, were part of it.

I’m humbled and inspired. I am deeply moved. I can see what is possible when people stand for themselves. There was so much love and sharing present – and that doesn’t surprise me out of an event that is a celebration of self and love/respect/care for self.

As Sarah said at the end, what you can give when your ‘tank’ runs full, is so much more than a constant giving from an empty tank. Anything is possible.




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