Gala Darling shares some insight on radical self love:

15 02 2010

One of the wonderful community members for the Dear Self: I Do project linked me to this wonderful post by Gala Darling giving us all some inspiration for radical self love.

There are some brilliant suggestions here in amongst all the love hearts and pink glitter, suggestions that extend well beyond ‘pamper yourself’ and other well worn platitudes.  This list includes such gems as:

Clean out your closet.
In addition to getting rid of old junk, cleaning out closets or cupboards is therapeutic because at the same time, you’re clearing space in your life for new, better things.”

Letting go of physical clutter can be a great help in clearing out mental cobwebs too.

Celebrate the ways in which you have grown & changed.
Growth is good, change is wonderful, evolution is fantastic. It’s proof that we’re on a path, that we’re going somewhere, that we’re living out our story to its full potential. Bake yourself a cake or somethin’!”

I’m a big believer in celebration – possibly evidenced by the creating of a ceremonial situation in which to dedicate ourselves to our own self.  If we spent the same amount of energy celebrating our small victories instead of crucifying ourselves over every little thing we identify in which we’ve failed, imagine where you’d be on your journey? Anything is possible.

Overall that’s what I get from this particular post… that anything is possible. Love yourself, be yourself in the fullest expression you can imagine, then expand that a hundred times again.  We don’t know what we’re capable of, because we never give ourselves the opportunity to really explore, being willing to fail, fall flat and suffer the rejection and ridicule we fear.

Nine times out of ten that’s now how things play out anyway… and in all honesty even if they do, there’s a whole experience you have of the world that those doing the ridiculing and rejecting won’t ever know.  And here we are back to small victories.

All the biggest victories are made up of these tiny victories.  What are your tiny victories?




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