About the Community

The Dear Self: I Do project was the inspiration of one Jaunita Landéesse, but exists only through the collective awesomeness of the community of people who have come together to have this series of events happen Australia wide.

Being part of this project is an opportunity to demonstrate what is possible when you promise to be your own best friend.  It’s also about community, and without the community involved this project could not exist.  One of Jaunita’s aims with drawing together this community of people known to her, was invite them to connect with one another and expand their network of awesome people all making a difference in the world.

It’s easy to become tired and wonder if the difference you’re trying to make is anything more than a drop in a very large bucket.  The purpose of this community producing this project, is connection.  We can see, on an individual level how the little bit we do contributes to a world effort.  However, there is a long distance between those two stances.  A distance  that requires faith. Some days, that faith runs like an overflowing river; others it trickles and we struggle to remember the reason we do this.

This community is a kind of third space.  A place between the individual everyday effort, and the stance that each of us has on a world level. A place where we recognise our collective effort and celebrate the difference we make, together.  Inspiration to share, resources, wins, losses and doubts. Our aim is that this community will maintain an active sense of ‘anything is possible’ for each other.

The history of this project is in community.  The idea of a self wedding, of a commitment where individuals would have an opportunity to marry themselves came from Femmeconne. In 2007, as part of a women’s retreat weekend a number of us promised to love, honour and cherish ourselves.  Sarah and Sarah, the original inspiration behind the Femmeconne Self Wedding attribute the inspiration for their idea to SARK and her book ‘Succulent Wild Women’.


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