Be Your Own Best Friend (and not your own worst enemy)

8 01 2009

This February 14th, 2010 the Dear Self: I Do project is offering you an opportunity to make a commitment to being your own best friend.

If you consider for a moment how you treat yourself, you may soon realise that you don’t treat your enemies as badly as you do yourself.  We are our own worst critic – and we listen to this critic like it speaks the truth.  This project is all about your engagement with yourself. It’s about giving your critic new perspective and allowing you to take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being.

The project aims to present a series of free self dedication events Australia wide for people to participate in.  Currently we’re working on events in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. We’ve selected Valentines Day, because in amongst the showering of love on others on that day, you should have some of that for yourself too!   As part of these events, you as a participant will be invited to make a commitment to yourself to be your own best friend.

You can dress up, down or as crazily as you like, you can buy yourself jewellery or a special memento, you can pop your own bottle of champagne – it’s completely up to you.  We’re providing you with the opportunity and a blank canvas so that your promise is meaningful to you.    Our lovely community of people are also on hand to help you out with ideas and any queries you may have.

The idea for the self dedication event series came from the idea of a ‘self wedding’ and has evolved from there.   More details and discussion will be forthcoming soon, as will an opportunity to register your interest in participating in the city of your choice!